The Evanescent and the Eternal: A Collage

What do you think about the experience of aging?

Close your eyes.... Life blows through before you know it! There you are... Before you catch your breath. I once identified age as having less and less to say about more and more. Now it is more that each moment has the potential to surprise me.

Radical Acts: Becoming visible is a radical act! How do you become visible to yourself? This posting of a collage on a blog is a radical act. Join the Jung Society Victoria! Make a post and become visible to yourself and to other members. What do you think about the experience of aging?

Some of my thoughts: the woman on the left is a sleeping beauty... young, beautiful, but asleep. You'll notice that her face is the same shape as the 3000 B.C.E. Babylonian lion woman whose eyes are open, but we do not see what she sees. She is not beautiful in the convention of this time, but she is very strong.

The woman on the right is an aging woman with a wonderful vitality working as a mechanic on her own car. She knows how to do it—repair and run the vehicle that carries her through her life. I don't think she thinks much about her appearance. It is not her appearance that carries her but her skill and an inner vitality.

The seed pods are those of the anemone or pasque flower. The flower has come and gone, what is left are these fragile threads of colour waving in the wind. Like life, the flowering is brief but the seeds carry on to another season. They bloom in early spring at Easter and are often called windflowers.

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