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The International Association for Analytical Psychology [IAAP]


Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS)

including a complete concordance for Jung's Collected Works


The Philemon Foundation

Translating and Editing the Unpublished Works of C. G. Jung


The Jung Page

Reflections on Psychology, Culture and Life


Western Canadian Association of Jungian Analysts

The association of accredited Jungian Analysts in Western Canada


C.G. Jung Society of Vancouver


The Comox Valley C.G. Jung Society 

Wikipedia biography of C.G. Jung


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A History of Analytical Psychology in BC by Catherine Ellis


Jung Society Newsletters (1985 - 1994)




Face to Face (BBC):

John Freeman interviews Carl Jung in Zürich, 1959


"And as the world in general, particularly America, is extraverted as hell, the introvert has no place, because he doesn't know that he beholds the world from within. And that gives him dignity, that gives him certainty, because, nowadays particularly, the world hangs by a thin thread, and that thread is the psyche of man...We are the great danger. The psyche is the great danger. What if something goes wrong with the psyche?"

Judith Dowling

Song of Miriam

Feb 2016

Joel Kroeker

Jung and Music

Mar 2015

Judith Slimmon

Dark Destiny

Nov 2014

For A Review of Jean Shinoda Bolen's Lecture

"The Meaning We Make of the Numinous"

by Joy Fisher, click here

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