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The C.G. Jung Society of Victoria is a non-profit charitable society registered under the Society Act of British Columbia.


Our Objectives

The C.G. Jung Society of Victoria strives to advance knowledge and provide a forum for the discussion of the theories and concepts of Analytical Psychology, as developed by Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. Our lectures and events provide learning opportunities for both the professional and general public, anyone who may have an interest in psychological and creative development.
We aim to reveal how Jung’s unique contributions to the understanding of the human personality are both compelling and practical for anyone interested in personal development. Our gatherings offer the opportunity to discover the personal application of Jungian theory in our own lives while connecting with others in the community.


We hope our programs intrigue you and further stimulate your explorations into Jungian Psychology.

The Red Book (P. 105)

Our Board: (2020-2021)


President:  Geneva Johnson

Secretary:  Michèle Turner

Treasurer:  Charles Card

Web Administrator: Christine Ross

Library Coordinator: Catherine Nutting

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AGM 2020 President's Report


I am so pleased to be here with you all and to have this opportunity to participate in this society, and I feel we should be proud of the work we have done this year. We took on a new president, a new treasurer, and new board members. We navigated through cancellations, rebooking, and more cancellations and persevered in planning for next year. We have come up with a new location, a new website, and a plan for the gathering of our society during the pandemic.


We started our year strong with a wonderful opening celebrating at the CorUnum Yurt with Seattle’s Dan Keusal. This was a new location for us and a leap into the woods for our membership. It turned out to be a lovely gathering and Dan gave a great presentation. We then hosted Victoria’s Joel Kroecker. He presented his new and acclaimed book on music psychotherapy. He seems to be breaking new ground in the field and we are very happy for his success. Katherine Ellis, a local Jungian Analyst, presented her new work on gardening and soul work. She brought her experience with sand tray therapy and generated a great discussion. 2020 has certainly been stirring the pot of human existence and our society has been along for the ride. With the cancellation of two of our presenters, we managed to provide some great presentations. Judith Slimmon made a deep dive into the sorrows of humanity. She recalled Greek tragedies and spoke eloquently on how the soul is not concerned with how much the ego or person suffers in their life, only that they are there, that they show up. The board put together a wonderful presentation on the Art of C.G. Jung. This was certainly a team effort, but it was board treasurer, Charles Card, who’s inspiration, initiative and slideshow that really made this happen. The board was supported by Judith Dowling at this meeting. Due to the pandemic, the presentation by Martin Comtois had to be cancelled. We hope to host him in the future. We are pleased to invite members and the public to a free self guided walking event at Beacon Hill Park on June 21st. Please see our website for a pdf brochure.

Due to the pandemic, the society has had to reassess how we are going to continue as a society. In the past, we have gathered together in person. Being present together continues to be an important value. For that reason, we have chosen to go ahead to book the next season, which will be our 35th year.  We are pleased to invite Phyllis Jensen, who will be speaking on Emily Carr’s encounter with Indigenous peoples and the impact that meeting made on her art. Jane Kepner will be joining us for a presentation on Into the Wild, which ties Thoreau’s Walden to the modern book and film. Evangeline Rand, of Edmonton, will speak on Jung’s time in India, and our friend, Judith Dowling will present on the Sacred Marriage. The final presentation of the year is still in the wind. We are hoping to host an indigenous knowledge holder to present stories and wisdom from the local culture and discuss their impact on us.

We are renovating our website to better serve our membership and the public. This team is led by Charles Card and our Website coordinator, Christine Ross. Through our website we hope to be able to provide more content and the convenience of online payments. We have chosen not to include online or zoom meetings in our next year. We feel this may be possible in the future depending on the support of our membership.

Other changes coming to the society is the use of the Quaker house on Fern St as our main venue. This change is beneficial financially and will hopefully foster a closer community atmosphere.  [Because of Covid-19 considerations, the Cook Street Village Activity Centre will be used instead as our primary venue for the 2020-21 season.]

The C.G Jung Society of Victoria is always looking for members and volunteers. As a volunteer run and member supported non-profit, we rely on membership and event attendance to keep our society going. If you appreciate the existence and efforts of the society, please consider membership, attendance, donation or volunteering. If you are interested in participating or want to offer feedback, please email jungsocietyvictoria@gmail.com .


Many warm regards and hoping to see you in the fall,

Geneva Johnson, President