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C. G. Jung is widely recognized as a major figure in modern Western thought, and his work continues to spark controversies. He played critical roles in the formation of modern psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry and a large international profession of analytical psychologists work under his name. His work has had its widest impact, however, outside professional circles: Jung and Freud are the names that most people first think of in connection with psychology, and their ideas have been widely disseminated in the arts, the humanities, films, and popular culture.

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Our Objectives:

The Victoria Jung Society strives to advance knowledge and provide a forum for the discussion of the theories and concepts of Analytical Psychology, as developed by Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. Our lectures and events provide learning opportunities for both the professional and general public, anyone who may have an interest in psychological and creative development.
We aim to reveal how Jung’s unique contributions to the understanding of the human personality are both compelling and practical for anyone interested in personal development. Our gatherings offer the opportunity to discover the personal application of Jungian theory in our own lives while connecting with others in the community.


We hope our programs intrigue you and further stimulate your explorations into Jungian Psychology.

Board Members 2019-2020:

President:  Geneva Johnson

Treasurer:  Charles Card

Secretary:  Michèle Turner

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